FAQ’s – Membership of VBOC

We thought we would take a moment to answer some of the questions we hear most often.

Q         What is VBOC? What is ClubBrezza? What is MBERG? What is CoreTeam? What is VBOC Map? What is Torque-Riders?

Ans      VBOC stands for Vitara Brezza Owners Club & is the name of the Facebook group for VB owners.

ClubBrezza.com is Not for profit Real Offline Car Club for Vitara Brezza Owners to enjoy the social & possible commercial benefits together & is a platform for its members to (Come Lets Use Brezza’s@Connect).

MBERG stands for Millennium Business and Entrepreneurship Resource Group & is a Registered Society under Societies Registration Act, 1860. Further details can be found online at http://ngo.india.gov.in/view_ngo_details.php?ngo_id=MBERG_INDIA

CoreTeam is the team managing VBOC & consists of members from VBOC. It also consists of city managers who create, manage, promote & their own city or states for other members from that city/state.

VBOC Map is an Indian interactive map where you can see all the members on the map. You are placed automatically on Map once you become a member of the Club. The map is one of the best tools to know who is near you now or when travelling. It’s also the best tool to plan an event for the club.

​Torque-Riders is the online Internet Discussion Forum for ClubBrezza members to discuss & post many things of interest.

Q         Why are you creating this Club? Why should I join?

Ans      World over Car Clubs is formed by enthusiasts & Historically, Car Clubs refer to offline entities, typically organized as non-profits and run by volunteers. VBOC envisages being more than a Car Club by promoting & introducing new concepts with the closed user group.

  • You should join the Club if you wish to double your Fun owning a VB. You should join VBOC, If:
  • You are a VB Owner & plan to remain a VB owner for next 1 year at least.
  • VB is your first car.
  • You wish to increase your knowledge about VB & also want to share your know-how about VB or general automobiles with the world.
  • You are an Automobile Enthusiast.
  • Your Love for your VB motivates you to participate in events or travel plans with other VB’ians within your Region & Nationally.
  • You want to be on a platform where you can create your own Travel plans & make others part of it.
  • You wish to make new friends across India. Learns & Share new stuff.
  • You wish to be a part of a networking platform which connects you to VB owners across India.
  • You want to be proud of building a National Car Club & being part of it. Your own community which drives the same machine as you.
  • You want to build & at the same time be a part of a nationwide support system.
  • You want to build a Club which will get sure attention from the manufacturer to listen & care for the post sales issues faced by its members.
  • You want to build a Club which gets you more options & possible better deals from National Companies & Service providers of Accessories, Spare Parts, Car Insurance & other such value providers.
  • You are in for a unique social experience.

Q         I mean it’s good to read but I still don’t get what do I get when I Join VBOC? Can you elaborate or give Examples of what is possible.

Ans      When you join, you are making VBOC so feel proud of it. Below are some real examples of what the members did.

A member from a city could not get bush manufactured by MGA & had to drive with his VB cylincer tied by thread. It was another member’s quick help from another city that he got the bushes & things were back to normal.

12 people from different cities planned together a trip to Leh Ladakh with 7 VBians living in North India & so it was 19 VBOC who went together to Leh in & Brezzas who went together & it was Fun!

A Member found another VBian who is a wildlife Photographer & planned a trip with him to learn more about photography.

The Logo of VBOC was made by a Member who owns an IT Firm. VBOC itself was formed using networking.

There are endless possibilities to what you could do within the group, develop cross cultural & cross regional friendship while creating your own club & enjoying benefits together.

Benefits in the shape of discounts & Options to look at before buying Accessories, Spare parts & when renewing Insurance are certain benefits which the Club envisages to achieve.

Q         Why do I need to pay for this? Can’t we achieve these without pooling in money?

Ans      A one-line answer to why pay is so we do it professionally & in an organized manner.  We all here are VB Owners & none of us started or had been doing this to earn out of it. The guy who started this, the guy who made video updates to help others know their VB, the guy who had answered almost 98% out of the posts asking questions on VB FB page did not do this for money. However, they did it out of enthusiasm.

To run a club which can represent & can be represented you need a professional outlook & setup. Also an entity which can proactively work only for the benefit of its members can be a non-profit organisation which in this case is a registered society. However Club runs on members & a fee is necessary to make a club function. Office bearers need to assigned so even after the enthusiasm of its members or core team fluctuates there is someone to carry out the back-end Admin & support work the club may have.

The money you pay goes to a registered society & not an individual or a company. This is an initiative to unite VB owners & create a sustainable platform where each one can create its own fun environment & participate in social & commercial benefits which the club can achieve.

There are certain advantages the coreteam foresees & can achieve together with its members. However a member can always create a poll, suggest or ask for a service within the group & get benefit by bridging all together.

Q         I am still not convinced? I have heard about other clubs Like Duster club by Renault or Royal Enfield Club & they don’t charge you anything? Why should I pay to be a part of something like this, then?

Ans      We are a club founded by an enthusiast, formed by enthusiasts & promoted by many enthusiastic members & run under a society. We are not limited to just outdoor activities. We do not envisage organizing events for profit. We have plans to do more than these clubs do which run out of enthusiasm for sometime or are backed by Vehicle manufacturers.

Q         I have heard about a National Event & what other concepts you are talking about?

Ans      Once we have enough members across India & they are placed on the VBOC Map it’s much easier to plan & execute a national event. A member need not cross many states to participate or make that event a successful one. Also we envisage doing such event near to our National Holidays.

We will help you know about it & help you become a Host, Create new travel stories for yourself & your families across India & little outside. You are in for the club if you are ready to give & take enriching cross cultural experience.

Q         Why is the membership fee 499 & 300? I mean how did you arrive at these numbers?

Ans      The onetime & processing charges helps the society in keeping an office bearer to help sustain the club activities. The  1st year membership fee helps us with the costs involved in setting ourselves on the online forum, to get the members their Club Card & Sticker.